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The future is closer than it seems

How ARTPAY works


Complete a short registration by phone number

Card Order

In a few clicks you will have access to a virtual or physical map


After replenishing your wallet, you will be able to fully use our application

ART PAY in action

Are you buying an item using Google/Apple Pay or transferring money to a friend

ART PAY instantly: transfers the required amount to the required currency, debiting the equivalent from your crypto account

More about ART PAY


Issue a virtual card instantly or order a plastic one


Transactions with the most popular cryptocurrencies


In-app staking with favorable interest


Fast transfers between exchanges, banks and other users


Trade and store cryptocurrency inside your wallet


Fast and secure crypto transfers around the world


Minimum fees, and with the $ART token (the anchor that leads to the $ART Token section) they'll get even lower


Pay Crypto with Apple and Google Pay

$ART Token

The $ART internal token will function in the application. The final issue of tokens is 2,000,000. The company's shares are equal to the number of tokens.

Smart Token Staking

To get a return based on the company's income and the number of tokens you own monthly

Example - you have 20,000 tokens, which is 1% of the total, based on an initial supply of 2,000,000. So your income will be 1% of the monthly net profit of the company.

Investor details

Art Pay plans to burn part of the coins quarterly to create a deflationary model, reduce the number of tokens and increase the investment interest of the owners

The token will be issued on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain

26% Company Tokens

25% Marketing and User Acquisition

49% Investment proposal

Terms for unlocking $ART tokens
  • 10% - 24 months
  • 15% - 36 months
  • 25% - 48 months
  • 25% - 60 months
  • 25% - 72 months
  • 25% - immediately after launch
  • 15% - 6 months
  • 15% - 12 months
  • 20% - 18 months
  • 25% - 24 months
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